Ballet Academy strives to offer a broad range of dance training from beginner through the pre-professional level of dance. The focus of the school is to teach each student poise and coordination and to instill in them a love for dance.
We believe training in classical ballet is essential in the development of the technique needed for a dancer to accomplish excellence in any genre of dance whether it is Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, or Tap. Classical Ballet training builds lean , long muscles and promotes excellent posture by strengthening the core abdominal and back muscles. Classical ballet training also instills musicality and the development of artistry.
 Our vision at Ballet Academy is not only to provide excellent instruction but to provide each student the opportunity to become part of a program that allows self expression through movement and public performing opportunities which promotes the development of discipline and helps them to gain the self-confidence that they will need no matter what their future career choice may be.
We offer a variety of dance classes